BG6TOE 业余无线电台
Amateur Radio Station BG6TOE


For most of the contacts, I will send my QSL card. Since I have limited spare time, I don't always have time to communicate, so I usually only keep a few cards in my hand. Therefore, I will not send paper QSL cards in some cases, such as FT8 mode that is not too far away. In this case, if you leave a mailbox on your homepage, I will send a copy. The electronic version of the card is placed in your mailbox for commemoration.


In the case of a QSL card, I will send the card in accordance with your request on and attach a SASE or a note with my address.



The front of my QSL card is the Fuxing EMU running on the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, and the back is modeled after the Chinese mainland railway ticket. I have always believed that China's railways have played an indispensable role in Chinese history. As early as the Qing Dynasty, the railway played an important role, and several changes in China were inseparable from the railway. Therefore, I designed my unique QSL card in the style of the China Railway ticket.


The back of the QSL card is the same as the normal QSL card, but the layout is based on the ticket style, such as call sign, mode, time, frequency, signal report and other elements.



You can scan the QR code on the QSL card to get my latest address.